Tapper is an ivory-billed woodpecker that the little einsteins encountered in Knock on Wood. He was lonely and was trying to find a friend. So the team promised to help him find a friend. He was trapped in some branches and was almost caught by a rattlesnake. But he escaped and flew up higher. But then he realized the rattle snake wasn't trying to get Tapper, she wanted to find her friend. So Tapper and the einsteins continued to search for his friend. They next landed in a swamp and encountered an alligator. They tried to get away, but logs were in their way. Tapper pecked all the logs away and they got through the swamp. But they realized the alligator wasn't after Tapper, he wanted to play with his friend. The litlle einsteins reached a high mountain and with the help of music, the rattle sankes, and the alligators, Tapper finally found a friend and was not alone anymore.