Little Einsteins: Our Big Huge Adventure

is a 2005 direct-to-DVD or Movie Premiere lenght movie from Walt Disney Home Entertainment.

The film would later turn into the TV series Little Einsteins

A Brand New Outfit

The Missing Invition 


Cast  Amy Poehler Leo

Emma Stone June

Will Smith Quincy

Chris Pratt Annie

Phyllis Smith Caterpillar

Jaden Smith Butterfly

Bill Hader Rocket

The caterpillar sing a song, Leo conducts to it, While the little einsteins sing. They then discover a green truck with a tree on it. When the caterpillar gets in the back of the truck, he waves goodbye to the Little Einsteins, as the caterpillar stopped waving, the truck gets bumped under a little hill, which causes the Caterpillar to fly out of the back of the truck, Annie calls out to stop the truck, but the truck just drives away, leaving the caterpillar behind with the Little Einsteins. The Caterpillar joins the Little Einsteins. They then later get some yellow leaves for the caterpillar, they stop by the beach and watch the caterpillar eat the leaves.


Annie with Caterpillar in "Our Big Huge Adventure".

After the caterpillar finished his leaves, a storm comes by. The Caterpillar is then blown into the air and lands on the instruments out in the sea. Annie manages to rescue him by using Rocket's claw catcher. After a while, they finally found the truck with the other caterpillars inside, after they saw the toy truck, they went to the tree area, the little einsteins try to find the same tree like on the truck door, when they do, the caterpillar then gets on the tree, spins a cocoon, and turns into a butterfly.

Snapshot 16 (2-24-2012 11-50 AM)

The Little Einsteins singing with the Caterpillar.

After when the caterpillar turns into a butterfly, they get invitations by a Mailman Butterfly. The little einsteins and Rocket get them except the butterfly. The Butterfly becomes sad that he did not get his invitation, Leo checks in the mailbox, but he says it was empty. He asks the Mailman Butterfly where the invitation for the butterfly is. He shows the pictures of where they need to go: Niagra Falls, a butterfly garden, a Oklahoma cave and a cow place. After they searched for the invitation in three places, they finally find it on the cow place, but the cows are in the way. Leo conducts to the cows, the cows then move, and they get the invitation for the butterfly. The Little Einsteins make it to the summer festival in Mexico. The Little Einsteins put their invitations in a box, so does butterfly and Rocket. The Little Einsteins and the swarm of make a music finale by singing the butterfly song. After they do complete the mission, Leo calls out Mission Completion, the curtains close the picture, and then they do the Curtain Call before the film ends. After the Curtain Call, a toy truck with 5 caterpillars sang the Ode to Joy with their tone lower, And then the film ends.

Walt Disney Pictures

Jim Henson Pictures

The Baby Einstein Company

Curious Pictures

Playhouse Disney

DisneyToon Studios 

Rated G


Jesse Schwartz as Leo

Erica Huang as June

Aiden Pompey as Quincy

Natalia Wojcik as Annie