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This is my Brother

 The Following is a complete episode list for the television show Little Einstein

Season 1:2005-2006Edit

  1. Bring Aground There Planet's 9September's 2005

When June is looking through her telescope while in her backyard, she notices that one of Saturn,s rings have come loose and it heads towards Earth. She finds it and she becomes friends with it, though she realizes that the ring misses being will Saturn. Will June and her friends return Ring back home to Saturn? Or Annie Sings lullaby and she bows Her Head and Says her Bedtime Prayer! Music: Symphony No.9 From the New World(Antonin Dvorak)

   Art: Tree of Life(Gustav Klimt)

2. I Love to Conduct 9 October 2005

Early in the morning, the children like to do their favorite things during the sunrise. However, when a bald eagle

Music: Peer Gynt Suite N0.1 - Morning Wood(Edvard Grieg)

Art:Peaceable Kingdom(Edvard Hicks)

3. Hungarian Hiccups 10 October 2005

Music:Hungarian Dance(Johannes Brahms)

  Art: Tiger in a Tropical Storm(Henri Rousseas

4. Whale Tale 11 October 2005

Music: Horn Concerto No.2 in E Flat major K.417 - Rondo(Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

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