Dragon Girl is June's alter ego and main superhero role. An accident with Rocket's new teleportation machine gave June the power to fly and breathe fire, Leo was given the power to shoot lasers from his eyes, Annie was given the power to sing at a very rapid pace, Quincy was given to breathe ice and disappear and David was given Super Strength. They then teamed up to fight as Laser Lad, Sonic Singer, Ice Guy, Blue Muscle and Dragon Girl. Their biggest rival was The Blue Rocket the villain alter ego of Big Jet in which whom they had a showdown with.


  • Dragon Girl's mask is red which is the same colour as the rest of her costume. The bottom has white teeth underneath.
  • Her headband has spikes with dragon ears
  • She has dragon wings on her back


  • She can fly and breathe fire


  • Ice and wind