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Annie is a girl who loves to sing. She is Leo's little sister and the only character who has piloted Rocket alone In order 2 Rescue Her Bro Leo, Quincy, & June From Big Jet's Burst of The Super Bubble Before The Fall into The Running Kitchen Sink: That Would b a Wet Landing. She loves animals including dolphins and horses, but is afraid of spiders. She owns a silver microphone with orange music notes that she won in a song contest. When she wishes to urgently point something out to the team, her usual phrase is "Look-look-look!" She has blonde pigtails and blue eyes, & is Also a Circus Fan at Circus World in Bare-ah-boo, Wisconsin: Where 2 Circus Occasions Happen: Everyday: A Big Show in 1987, & Circus Parade in 1988. She is voiced by Natalia Wojcik.

The New Chapter Begins Only at Disney Junior: Starting off at Circus World in Bare-ah-boo, WI in 1986: A Big Show, & Circus Parade in 1987. Take a Look at Circus World's Greatest Collection of Vintage Circus Parade Wagons. But Never The Less: Circuses Like This One Often Do So Mostly Travel By Train Across The USA Just Like The Ringling Bros., & Barnum/Bailey circus Does as it Still Does Today: Which We'll Get 2 That a Just about 5-10 Mins. or So. But The Meantime Let's Learn About The Colorful Wagons Here: The Colorful Wagons in The Collection were Used 2 Take The Performers: The Little Einsteins Were Now Dressed up as, Equipment Like 52 Year Old John L.'s D-4 Doze-r #8, & Animals Like Emily, & George: The 2 Horses From The Train 2 The Place Where The Circus Would b Setting all up. The Idea Was 2 attract all Attention, & It Did So Make Everyone Want 2 go 2 The Circus Really. But How it Made That: Well: The Idea Worked out Like This. The Folks Here at circus World had Restored/Repaired These Magnificent Older Wagons: Made 'em Glitter All Like NEW! Today The 4 Little Einsteins Team Members R Busy Preparing 4 The 1988, & '89 Big Circus Parade in Milwaukee at Sundown, & Then The Next Morning Sunrise at Williams-burg Kentucky in 1990. Where The Modern Ringling Bros./Barnum/Bailey Circus Train: Blue Unit Edition. Going 2 The Queen City of Cincinnati, Ohio the 1991 Circus Show. & The 1992 Trip 2 new Bright inn ton, Pennsylvania. See The 1993 James E. S-tr-a-t e-s Shows Carnival Train 2 Anderson, SC.Edit

The Circus World Museum Segment's From The 3rd Season.

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